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SASEDay 2021

Is BYOD the Final Mile to Digital Transformation Success?

As digital transformation initiatives quickly adapt to an increasingly hybrid work environment, personal devices will provide the flexibility and remote access that employees require - undoubtedly stretching the balance between productivity and security.

This session focuses on:

  • The upside BYOD will bring to digital transformation

  • The results and sentiment from a joint venture between Cybersecurity Insiders and Bitglass that surveyed hundreds of cybersecurity professionals across industries

  • Practical recommendations for securing BYOD initiatives


Holger Schulze, CEO - Cybersecurity Insiders
Kevin Sheu, Sr. VP Marketing - Bitglass
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Bridging the Gap Between Digital Transformation Objectives and Implementation: Practical Steps to SASE Implementation

As Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) becomes a foundational architecture for security teams, it commonly raises a question: with such an overarching architecture, where do you begin and what do you prioritize? How do you go about deploying a complete SASE platform? That is, start off by addressing simple use cases through table-stakes technologies that will give you quick, easy wins. From there, move on to address increasingly complex use cases through more advanced technologies.

This session begins with a framework introduced during Bitglass’ inaugural SASEDay: a methodical approach to SASE adoption; a strategy of “Crawl, walk, run.” It offers observations on the changing dynamics over the past six months and then addresses common questions seen by CIOs, CISOs, and security teams.


Evgeniy Kharam, VP - Herjavec Group
Mike Schuricht, Sr. VP Product - Bitglass
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Better Together: Zero Trust and SASE

Secure access and identity go hand-in-hand. Identity security is now a key pillar of a modern enterprise security architecture. But with IT shifting to a world of cloud services and remote working, how does identity security fit in the context of new unified architectures such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and least-privilege paradigms like Zero Trust?

In this joint Okta and Bitglass session we cover:

  • Foundational concepts around Identity, Zero Trust, and SASE

  • How Identity security and SASE together are a comprehensive security architecture for today's enterprise

  • Practical advice to enable secure digital transformation initiatives using best practices for Identity security, Zero Trust, and SASE


Matt Egan, Director - Okta
Ben Rice, VP Business Development - Bitglass
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Implementing ZTNA with the Bitglass Platform

Hear about Bitglass’ Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) product vision and how its integration into a single platform can simplify SASE while improving overall functionality. This session includes a deep dive into the core technology principles of zero-trust network access and how it can be applied in practice by leading security teams.


Mike Schuricht, Sr. VP Product - Bitglass
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Keynote Panel: CIO and CISO Perspectives on Zero Trust Digital Transformation

The continued migration to the cloud, rapid rollout of BYOD initiatives, and the introduction of a hybrid workforce has accelerated Zero Trust Digital Transformation initiatives. However, the vision is often at odds with the practical realities when modernizing workforce and customer experiences.

Watch this executive panel discussion about the long term business benefits expected from Digital Transformation initiatives, best practices implementing zero trust paradigms, and critical factors for future success.


Peter Rucys, CISO - Tampa General Hospital
David Levine, Vice President Corporate & Information    Security - Ricoh USA
Alan Boehme, CTO - H&M Group
Ryan Cote, Former CIO - U.S. Department of    Transportation
Nat Kausik, CEO - Bitglass
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SASEDay 2020

Comparing CASBs: Practical Considerations

CASBs can be the anchor to your SASE architecture, providing important security controls over the access to cloud services and the data they hold. This makes them a vital component to the security toolkit for today’s hybrid IT environment. This discussion focuses on the differences between various implementations and how that will impact your use cases.


Mike Small, Senior Analyst - KuppingerCole


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has quickly become part of day-to-day lexicon. But what exactly is SASE and will it make enterprise data more secure? How will organizations secure their data in a cloud-first world when the user and information are completely outside the enterprise boundary?

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Evgeniy Kharam, Director of Solution Architecture - Herjavec Group



SASE maps several functional categories and feature sets into a single paradigm. But how do those features map to your current and future use cases? Considerations like the depth of DLP, how to secure custom applications and access to on-premise resources will become critical requirements when future-proofing your deployment. Join this session to hear about use cases that security teams come across and how best to frame the requirements for your SASE deployment.


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John Moran, Senior Partner - NBS Tech Group



This executive panel discusses the long term business benefits, best practices learned when adopting a cloud security architecture, how to optimize for success and how to gain C-level Executive support.

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David Levine, VP of Corporate and Information Security & CSO - Ricoh USA

Ned Stevanovski, CISO & Head of IT Operations - Mishcon de Reya LLP

Peter Rucys, CISO - Tampa General Hospital

Rehman Khan, Director, Cloud & Data Security -TD Ameritrade




While SASE lays out the paradigm for converging network security functions to meet the secure access needs of organizations, there is flexibility in execution and the approach to optimize each component of the architecture.

 Hear about Bitglass’ product vision on how a single platform can simplify SASE while introducing new innovations and approaches that improving overall functionality.

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Mike Schuricht, SVP Products - Bitglass