SaaS Giant Secures Office 365 & BYOD with Next-Gen CASB

Case Study

Based in Silicon Valley, this SaaS giant has about 10,000 employees across the globe. The firm was looking to fully transition its global employees to a SaaS productivity suite. 

With the firm’s Office 365 productivity suite initiative set to rollout rapidly throughout the company, its enterprise security architecture team evaluated Cloud Access Security Broker solutions to enable secure cloud usage. The firm’s IT team chose a combination of a first-gen CASB and a traditional MDM solution.  However, employee privacy concerns prevented deployment of MDM beyond a few users. And the agent-based first-gen CASB was a non-starter on the heels of the MDM failure.

In its search for an alternate solution, the firm conducted a trial of Bitglass. During the trials, the IT security team ran the CASB solution through a gamut of use cases, and found that Bitglass' agentless architecture deployed rapidly and found global acceptance with users.

The success of the trial led the firm to choose Bitglass for its unique ability to provide Zero-Day protection on any device. The firm’s security architecture team favored the agentless, Zero-Day, inline data security enabled by Bitglass’ hybrid architecture to the agent-based alternatives. The ability of Bitglass’ unique technologies – reverse proxy and AJAX-VM as well as ActiveSync proxy – to secure sensitive data on unmanaged devices and BYOD was key. Additionally, Bitglass' native DLP engine handled all languages with ease, including those with double-byte characters, offering a clear system performance advantage over the external DLP via ICAP required by competing CASBs.

Zero-Day CASB security.  No software required.

“Bitglass is the only CASB that delivers agentless security on any device. Easy to deploy and accepted by users globally”

– CIO, SaaS Giant