Ricoh USA Chooses Bitglass, Secures Office 365

Case Study

Ricoh, a global, $19 billion business, empowers digital workplaces through innovative technologies and services, helping organizations to work smarter in today’s dynamic, digital world. The company is committed to ensuring that customer data and proprietary information is kept safe. While migrating to Office 365 and adopting a growing number of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in the US, Ricoh USA, Inc. was quick to realize that traditional, on-premises security tools were no longer adequate. Having approximately 20,000 employees handling sensitive data and performing their work outside of the corporate perimeter made this even more apparent.

Securing access to corporate information from any device, including personal laptops and mobile phones, was of primary concern to the enterprise. Ricoh’s security team wanted to enable the use of sync clients like OneDrive on company-owned devices, but restrict them on unmanaged endpoints. Unfortunately, the organization found that native Office 365 security controls did not provide an adequate level of data protection – especially for unmanaged devices. Similarly, Ricoh recognized that agent-based tools like mobile device management (MDM) typically lead to deployment and usability headaches. As the company wanted to enable BYOD and mobile data access, it knew that finding an agentless solution was critical. 

In its search for a robust, flexible, cloud security tool, Ricoh identified cloud access security brokers (CASBs) as the ideal solutions. While evaluating CASBs, the company was searching not only for the best technology, but also for the ideal vendor with whom it could build a deep partnership and ensure future-proof cybersecurity. While testing the CASBs provided by Bitglass and two other vendors, Ricoh’s security team experimented with a plethora of use cases – access control, shadow IT discovery, protections for data at rest, unmanaged device security, and mobile security.

Ultimately, the company chose Bitglass. Ricoh’s security team concluded that most CASBs were agent-based, reactive in nature, and, consequently, insufficient for securing data. As such, the company selected the agentless, real-time protections provided by Bitglass’ hybrid CASB. With unique technologies like a reverse proxy, an ActiveSync proxy, and AJAX-VM, only Bitglass' offering was able to secure data on unmanaged and mobile devices. Additionally, Bitglass' native data loss prevention (DLP) will offer the granular, real-time protections that Ricoh needs for securing data in Office 365 as well as any other application.

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“Bitglass proved to be the ideal partner for protecting our data. Throughout all of the use cases we tested, their technology kept coming out on top. The Bitglass CASB solution provides the granularity we want for protecting apps like Office 365, and the flexibility we need for securing our employees’ personal devices. The agentless approach made deployment incredibly simple.”

- David Levine, CISO, Ricoh USA, Inc.