Video - Ricoh USA Case Study Video 

Ricoh USA - Case Study Video

I’m David Levine - I am the Chief Information Security Officer for RICOH, USA Incorporated. RICOH’s been in business for well over 80 years - globally we’re a 19 billion dollar corporation and in the US we’re at about approximately 20,000 employees. Most people tend to think of RICOH as the copier company or the multi-function device. And well that’s true, given our history and the products and solutions we offer to our customers, we’re really based on technology - RICOH’s really about empowering the digital workplace it’s critical. So when we’re looking to partner with companies, and we’re looking for solutions, innovation and technology is really a key component.

So, RICOH’s approach to the cloud, and cloud application security as we move in that direction we’ve got a cloud-first strategy it’s great to offer the flexibility and all the advantages the cloud brings but you have to do it in a way that keeps our customers secure, their data secure, and RICOH secure.

So, CASBs’ offer that equibitus control over cloud environments, right - CASB in our mind really laid the foundation for a broader security cloud solution that we could leverage across multiple platforms in the future. Any project, no matter what it is, you’ve got to start with your functional requirements, right. Knowing exactly what problem you’re trying to solve, finding those solutions that meet those functional requirements. But beyond that, you’re looking for a solution that’s flexible, that gives you the features and the functionality you need, but also a company that you can partner with and for us, Bitglass was that partner.

We were able to put Bitglass in, get up and running seamlessly, very quickly with no disruption to our users, and that’s really key. Numbers can be difficult to actually know, and that’s part of the problem - we’re trying to protect everything not only what we know, and what we manage today - but also making sure we’re setting up the right security to protect unmanaged devices. So an agentless solution in our case was really critical to what we were trying to do, right. So one of our big security concerns around the cloud environment and this solution was being able to manage those devices that we didn’t have visibility to so having an agentless solution that protects against those scenarios was really key for us and part of our foundational requirements, and Bitglass solved that solution elegantly.  

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