RFA Partners with Bitglass, Secures Office 365

Case Study

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA) is a managed service provider (MSP) with headquarters in New York City. For thirty years, the company has been providing its alternative investment management clients with IT security tools that can protect their sensitive financial data. RFA believes in going beyond standard vendor-customer relationships by developing partnerships with clients in order to understand their needs and offer customized solutions that match their business, regulatory, and data usage circumstances. Additionally, RFA adopts security solutions in order to protect its own environment and test their validity before recommending them to its various partners.

Within RFA, employees use Microsoft Office 365 to perform their work responsibilities. As such, the company wanted to deploy a solution that could protect data within the app – and any other cloud app – in a proactive fashion. However, after testing multiple tools, RFA found them to be challenging to deploy, difficult to troubleshoot, lacking in customer service, and offering reactive, after-the-fact security.

In the quest for proactive security, RFA tested the Bitglass cloud access security broker (CASB). The solution offered contextual access controls for governing data access by device type, user, and job function. Bitglass’ data loss prevention (DLP) is capable of allowing, blocking, or providing intermediate levels of data access through redaction and other policies – all in real time. The solution was also simple to deploy, robust, and accompanied by excellent customer support. Ultimately, RFA selected Bitglass as its solution of choice.

In addition to securing its own data, part of RFA’s search for a complete CASB was to identify a solution capable of protecting its customers’ sensitive financial information as it moves off premises. As firms handle sensitive data like personally identifiable financial information (PIFI), RFA needed a robust, dynamic solution built for the cloud. With Bitglass deployed and providing total  data protection internally, RFA quickly determined that its partners could also benefit from the Next-Gen CASB. In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, Bitglass offers full-strength encryption for file- and field-level data, indispensable for financial services organizations pursuing regulatory compliance.

For  RFA and its customers, protecting data in the cloud is a top priority. Securing sensitive information as it moves to this new environment has become a prerequisite for organizations’ survival. Fortunately, with the Next-Gen CASB, RFA can rest assured that its data (and its clients’ data) is safe as it moves to the cloud. 

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“In  the same way that we prioritize partnerships with our customers, Bitglass has shown it’s committed to making our clients successful. They’ve worked to understand our needs, as well as the needs of our clients, in order to provide complete protection of data. Across all apps, Bitglass’ CASB delivers proactive security that is perfect for protecting proprietary and financial information in today’s cloud-first business environment.

- Michael  Asher, CIO, RFA