Top Retirement Fund secures Cloud
with Next-Gen CASB

Case Study

This non-profit organization manages $300B in retirement funds for teachers in the United States.   Moving to the cloud requires deliberate measures to fend off data leakage and malware threats.  Hence the firm tested the leading CASBs on the market.

The firm had four requirements for a CASB.  (a) Discover cloud usage at the organization. (b) Make unmanaged applications that are useful but high risk to be "read-only", e.g, social media such as LinkedIn (c) Access Control, Data and Threat protection for Managed Apps such as Office 365 and WorkDay. (d) Real-time inline protection on any device without the need for agents or configuration on the end-points

Only Bitglass delivered on all four requirements.  Bitglass Zero-Day Discovery engine vastly outperformed the competition in the sample Discovery testing.  And Bitglass Zero-Day Unmanaged app control enabled "read-only" protection on useful but risky apps such as LinkedIn and GDrive. Linkedin was required for recruiting, and Grive for accepting files from clients, most of whom used Google Apps in their classroom.   And lastly, only Bitglass Agentless CASB architecture delivered data and threat protection on any device via AJAX-VM and Cylance technologies.

“Amongst the leading CASB solutions, only Bitglass delivers a complete security solution for real-time inline data and threat protection from any device – laptops or mobile. Furthermore, their unique Zero-Day Discovery and Read-only protection of unmanaged apps is way ahead of the competition”

- CISO, Retirement Funds Giant