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Glass Class – Protecting Unmanaged Device Access to Cloud Apps

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of Glass Class. I'm here to talk to you guys about protecting unmanaged device access to cloud applications. I'll start by introducing BYOD, which stands for bring your own device. 85% percent of modern enterprises have enabled BYOD –and it's great, because employees are able to collaborate remotely and work more efficiently. The issue with that is without the proper security tools, some companies can be susceptible to data leakage and data breaches, which is something they really don't want to deal with. This is especially the case with these unmanaged devices because data is being accessed outside the firewall. So to prevent this, a lot of companies have turned to agent-based tools. The problem with that is, it invades employee privacy and hinders device functionality. Bitglass is the only cloud access security broker that can use a reverse proxy to protect that data without installing agents onto devices. This is great, because then employees are able to use cloud applications such as G-Suite, Office 365, without the company risking data leakage or being susceptible to a data breach. To find out more, check us out here at Bitglass. Thank you for watching. See you guys soon.