Payment Leader study Achieves PCI
Compliance with Next-Gen CASB

Case Study

This payment and debit-card processing leader standardized on Google's G Suite, but struggled to achieve PCI compliance for its auditors.

With a mix of regular employees and contractors, managed and BYOD mobiles and laptops, as well as a geographically distributed work force proved challenging when it came to achieving PCI compliance, the compliance team wanted to restrict contractors to browser access and only on the corporate network, whilst allowing regular employees full access on managed devices and corporate networks, but restricted access on BYOD.

Bitglass delivered a complete solution out of the box. The Bitglass Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution included SAML single sign-on, so the customer terminated its contract with Okta and configured Bitglass to be the identity provider for G Suite. Installing the Bitglass AD sync agent automatically provisioned users on Bitglass mirroring user groups and privileges. Configuring WYSWIG access-control policies on the Bitglass console enforced the rules that were required for compliance. And Bitglass’s unique AJAX-VM technology meant that no agents or configuration or spoofed certificates were required on either managed or unmanaged laptops. Users simply logged into G Suite and were automatically redirected via the Bitglass proxy service. Best of all, the Bitglass solution is a SaaS offering in itself so no software is required. High-availability fail-over and geographic load balancing.

No software. Zero touch. Any device. Security & Compliance

“Bitglass uniquely delivers a comprehensive security solution that automatically segments, tracks & secures sensitive data in the cloud, at access, and on any device. And their support is superb!”

— CIO, Payment Processor