Ntooitive Partners with Bitglass, Secures G Suite

Case Study

With headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ntooitive Digital is a leading developer of CRM systems. Through a combination of automation and machine learning, the company streamlines workflows and optimizes sales and marketing operations for its customers. Ntooitive is heavily focused on understanding all aspects of customer engagement, as well as increasing its clients’ ROI and improving efficiencies. On average, the company accelerates customers' sales, reducing costs and administrative burdens for those that use their platform.

Ntooitive uses G Suite for its day-to-day operations, meaning that it stores and processes sensitive data about its product in the cloud. For technology companies like Ntooitive, that incorporate advanced machine learning into their offering, securing proprietary information is critical. Ntooitive was in need of a solution that could proxy traffic to enforce real-time data protection – without hindering end-to-end encryption.

With this desire to secure data, the company turned to Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB. Through Bitglass, the company is now enforcing granular data loss prevention (DLP) policies in real time in the cloud, quarantining files, redacting key information, and more. This functionality, along with cross-app access controls and protection for any app and any device, can only be found with Bitglass’ agentless cloud access security broker.

 With the Next-Gen CASB deployed internally and proving more than capable of protecting proprietary information, Ntooitive recognized an opportunity to extend Bitglass’ unique capabilities to its customers. Because the company’s product is cloud native and contains sensitive, third-party data, Ntooitive wanted to integrate its N2Hive sales automation platform with Bitglass in order to provide their customers with increased security and built-in protections. In particular, the company wanted to offer its customers automatic encryption of the personally identifiable information (PII) that they process within the Ntooitive platform.

As a forward-thinking company, Ntooitive is committed protecting data for itself and its customers as it operates in the modern cloud landscape. For this reason, the organization decided to partner with Bitglass, the only CASB capable of real-time data and threat protection for any app.


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“Bitglass has proven to be the ideal security partner for our company. At Ntooitive, we’re leveraging the Bitglass CASB to protect information in apps like G Suite. The product gives us total control over our data without impeding on employee productivity. At the same, we’re incorporating Bitglass technology into our platform so that we can provide these same capabilities to our customers.”

- Ryan Christiansen, CEO, Ntooitive Digital