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Ntooitive - Case Study Video

Ryan Christiansen: My name is Ryan Christiansen, I am the CEO of Ntooitive Digital, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 50% of our business is a digital ad agency and the other 50% is creating proprietary technology solutions for the media industry as well as other vertical segments. We wanted to look in and ensure and see if there were additional opportunities to be able to provide an additional level of security you really can't get anywhere else.

We're bringing a cloud-based solution to the market to ensure our partners’ data is secure, but we're also giving them the opportunity, as a partner with Bitglass, to take advantage of the solutions that Bitglass brings to the table – which is definitely top of mind across the industries in which we're operating.

Vikas Khorana: At the end, it all boils down to “Are we able to protect their data not just in the cloud but also end to end?” What Bitglass allowed us to do was a two-pronged approach. We started to use Bitglass internally – that allowed our software then to get rolled out to our clients with Bitglass security on top of it. It provided end-to-end encryption and circumvented a lot of issues, allowing us to provide a secure environment to our customers.

The biggest challenge people in IT industry and people who are sitting at CIO, CTO positions are facing on a day to day basis, is the cost to doing security. It's not only about the cost of what you're licensing your security for, but it's also about maintaining their security. Bitglass, for me, seems to be a combination of both of them, so that will be what I would prefer to use and I would like other people to use it as well.

So, the Bitglass Zero-Day Technology allowed our company to prevent data sensitivity for not just known but also unknown vulnerabilities. What Bitglass has allowed me is to sleep in the night, and not only me, my customers who's using my technology and their white-label partners. That protection, from a data perspective to my customers and their advertisers in the media landscape, is priceless.

Ryan Christiansen: Going forward with our relationship with Bitglass, we've identified this as a unique opportunity for the business owners in the marketplace tied to how their data's being used – how it's being protected. This is a relationship we definitely hold near and dear, and look forward to it being one that we're continuing to grow.

Together: Ntooitive and Bitglass rock the CASB!

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