Medical Devices Giant Secures Remote Work with Bitglass ZTNA

Case Study

Based in Germany, this global medical devices giant with almost 300,000 employees had to deal with the changing requirements of remote work. Core design and manufacturing control applications that were available only on the internal network of the company for security reasons, now had to be accessed by remote workers and contractors. 

Initially, its enterprise security architecture team tried enforcing VPN requirements for remote workers. This approach had several limitations, chief among them being (a) contractors would have full network access to the company's network (b) performance was sluggish as a large number of users worked remotely.

In its search for a better solution, the firm looked at several Zero Trust Network Access solutions.  In testing the so-called leaders in the category, the firm found that the "leading" solutions could only allow or deny access, but were unable to deliver inline, real-time DLP and threat protection after access was granted.  Furthermore, these solutions required agents on every endpoint, even for contractors using third-party devices.

The Bitglass solution uniquely delivered Zero Trust Network access with or without agents, enforcing real-time DLP and threat protection.   Using patented Zero Trust access control technology, Bitglass was easy to deploy. 

The security team had visibility and control of remote workers accessing internal applications, without granting full network access.. Threats blocked. Data Leakage Protection.  Full logging of all transactions.   At the same time, users were happy and productive wherever they were.


"Bitglass ZTNA uniquely delivers real-time DLP & threat protection with or without agents. Competing solutions require agents, but do not enforce real-time control."

-VP,  G100 Medical Devices & Services Giant