John Muir Health Secures Cloud
& Mobile with Bitglass

Case Study

John Muir Health is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit healthcare organization serving patients in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes a network of more than 1,000 primary care and specialty physicians and over 6,500 employees across medical centers in the San Francisco Bay area, including a trauma center and a behavioral health center. The health system offers a full-range of medical services and a leader in several specialties – neurosciences, orthopedics, oncology, cardiovascular treatment, trauma care, pediatrics and high-risk obstetrics.

John Muir Health needed a solution for data security and HIPAA compliance across cloud applications such as Office 365 and ServiceNow, accessible from a range of managed and unmanaged end-user devices. As with other health systems, John Muir must comply with complex federal regulations including HIPAA for protected health information (PHI), PCI-DSS for billing information, and local state regulations around personally identifiable information (PII). As an organization with a complex network of physicians, member hospitals, and wide-ranging services, protecting data on all devices, was of great concern.

John Muir needed a security solution that could control the flow of PHI, PII, and PCI in the cloud, at access, and on any device, whether managed or unmanaged. Initially, John Muir Health adopted a combination of a traditional mobile device management (MDM) solution and an agent-based cloud access security broker (CASB). However, installations of agents on personal devices raised privacy concerns for users, while doctors and care givers often had affiliations with multiple institutions that had different requirements. As a result, the agent-based solutions could not meet John Muir's technical requirements.

After researching CASB solutions, John Muir Health chose Bitglass for its unique agentless CASB. With Bitglass, John Muir Health was able to rapidly achieve security and compliance for cloud applications including Office 365 and ServiceNow, across any device, without the need for agents on endpoints. With data and threat protection for any interaction, Bitglass’ Total Cloud Security Platform future proofs security for John Muir Health’s evolving cloud footprint.

Bitglass' CASB delivers visibility, compliance, and identity and access control at scale. John Muir Health is also able to define granular data loss prevention (DLP) policies and prevent unauthorized access in compliance with HIPAA. Bitglass earned John Muir Health’s trust because of its comprehensive protections for any app, its rapid deployments, and its CASB's unique agentless architecture.

“We have hundreds of unmanaged devices in use by clinicians at John Muir Health, however, we need to properly manage the PHI and PII data within our environment. New applications like Office 365 could pose security and compliance risk. Fortunately, Bitglass’  CASB solution provides the security, manageability, and flexibility that we need to protect data across our environment, including our cloud-supported applications, protecting and securing our patient’s data.”

–Bill Hudson, VP of IT Operations and ACIO, John Muir Health