Glass Class – How to Secure Slack


Glass Class – How to Secure Slack

Video Transcript

Hey there, welcome to a new episode of Glass Class. In this video, I'm going to be talking to you about searchable log of all conversation and knowledge. You guessed it right, it's none other than the Slack application.

Slack is a widely-adopted collaboration software to enhance productivity of its corporate users. Users could be chatting with one another in the form of direct messages or forming groups to collaborate on larger projects in the form of Slack channels.

These collaborations could lead to sharing of highly sensitive information, which could include architectural diagrams, code snippets, files that are generally shared across with one another, and also something that's highly sensitive. This data could be classified into PII data, something that's personally identifiable information, protected health information, Social Security numbers, and something that could be highly sensitive and confidential leading to risk of disclosures.

Given this vast amount of confidential data and need to protect against it, corporates look for a solution that is providing them with a certain level of control with a high level of security and visibility into this corporate data usage.

Bitglass, as a next-gen CASB, is able to provide protection for Slack users. This could be right from providing you with a DLP action for both that upload and download directions and also providing you with scanning of data entirely in Slack, leading to actions such as quarantine, creating a copy, white list, and encryption for starters.

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