Health Insurer Secures Workday with the Bitglass CASB

Case Study

This health insurance giant has over 7,500 employees, providing benefits to 12,000 companies across a US state, and insuring over 3.3 million people. With several cloud apps deployed internally, including Workday, Salesforce, and several custom applications like Cornerstone and Tableau, this organization needed a cloud access security broker (CASB) that could protect data in any app and on any device.

For the firm, securing Workday was critical given the volume of sensitive PII stored in the application. The IT team first tried an agent-based CASB that claimed support for Workday, but were unable to deploy the solution after several months of effort. They then turned to Bitglass, the only platform that offers an agentless CASB with broad support for any cloud application.

This organization's requirements were straightforward – they needed control over which users and which devices could access corporate data, the ability to protect data in real time, and advanced threat protection for all of their deployed cloud applications. They thoroughly tested Bitglass’ support for Workday and custom-built, internal applications in order to ensure that the CASB could deploy immediately without impeding application functionality.

The firm was also concerned that they, like many in the healthcare sector, could become a target for malware or ransomware. To mitigate this threat, they also chose to use Bitglass' built-in advanced threat protection to detect and block malicious files at upload, at download, and at rest in the cloud.

Bitglass provided the only cloud security solution that could meet the compliance and security needs of this organization; from real-time data protection to complete visibility across all apps.

“We tested several CASBs and only Bitglass' solution proved capable of securing Workday and critical internal applications like Cornerstone and Citrix Sharefile. Bitglass' agentless, real-time approach to data protection with CASB is uniquely suited to meeting our security needs."

–CISO, Health Insurance Giant