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Critical CASB Requirements

As the only Next-Gen CASB, Bitglass uniquely delivers on all of the critical CASB requirements:

  1. Zero-day Shadow IT Discovery - Automatic discovery and classification of hundreds of thousands of unsanctioned cloud applications.
  2. Zero-day Unmanaged App Control - Patent-pending automatic detection and control of data leakage paths in any unmanaged application.
  3. Zero-day Malware Protection - AI-based known and unknown malware protection, powered by Cylance.
  4. Zero-day Managed App Control - Data protection, threat protection, identity and visibility for any SaaS, custom, or packaged software application. No catalog, signatures, or changes to application required.
  5. Zero-day Agentless Proxy with AJAX-VM - Provides robust, agentless reverse proxy for any application.
  6. Zero-day Agentless Mobile Security - BYOD security without MDM hassles


Gartner's recent research piece ranks Bitglass tops for consistent policies across cloud applications.

Gartner Critica Capabilities CASB 2018

 Gartner's 2018 Critical Capabilities for CASBs

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