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Five Good Reasons to Upgrade to Bitglass  


Trade-in your clunker from Symantec, Forcepoint, Mcafee, Palo Alto etc for three free months of Bitglass Total Cloud Security Suite: IdP+SWG+CASB+DLP+Threat Protection


"The solution's overall uptime is top-notch, 100 percent."

-Sr Security Engineer, Healthcare Co., 100K+users


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1. Tired of Obsolete Appliances

You are tired of managing antique hardware and software on-premises.


DLP & threat protection

2. Need DLP That Works

You need DLP that actually works. For every interaction - managed and unmanaged apps; managed and unmanaged devices;  Exact Match; no hidden fees or server farms.




3. Uptime & Business Continuity

You are tired of that cloud security vendor that keeps going down, Bitglass delivers 99.99% uptime; Since 2014!


4. Real-Time Inline Security

You need cloud security that blocks threats and data breaches before they happen.  Empty promises of "near real-time" no longer cut it.

Remote work

5. No More VPN for Remote Work

You want direct-to-cloud security for remote workers.  No more VPN at glacial speeds.

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Upgrade to Bitglass' integrated CASB, Secure Web Gateway, IdP, DLP & Threat Protection, and get three months free.

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