Glass Class – Cloud Security Priorities 2019


Glass Class – Cloud Security Priorities 2019

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2019 cloud security priorities. Cloud security has seen a lot of change over the last couple of years and 2019 should prove to be no different. So, without further ado, our top four priorities.

Number one, IAAS. So, traditionally organizations have used IAAS platforms for test and development workloads and that type of thing. What we're starting to see is a lot more IT applications, productions workloads, and custom apps moving out to IAAS. When you do that, you need a combination of sort of traditional CASB functionality and also a new offshoot of CASB functionality that allows the organization to get visibility, control, and remediation over not only the application and the data, but the underline infrastructure itself. So, that's a fairly big expansion of the duty of a CASB, but one that's critically important as you make that move.

Number two, regulation. You know with 2018 we saw the adoption of GDPR and we've seen a lot of new data privacy regulations either being enacted into law or coming up in the very near future here in the legislative agenda. So, the impact of that, the result is going to be a lot organizations that traditionally would not have considered themselves regulated, in regulated industries, now have to focus on data protection or are subject to regulation. That's going to drive a lot of change in security., kind of across the board in pretty much every industry.

Number three, is long-tail. Now, the first wave of cloud adoption with big apps like Office 365 and Salesforce is now in the mainstream, and lot of those organizations, now that they realize the power and the benefits of the cloud, are going back and adopting new applications in a lot of other different areas. Many times these are less well-known, smaller applications, which unfortunately, means those vendors don't have the resources or the where with all, necessarily, to invest in compensating security controls to help protect data. As a result there's going to be even more reliance in third-party security technologies like IAAS platforms and cloud access security brokers.

Then, finally, number four, malware, which makes its way on to this list again for the second straight year, where crafty malware authors have recognized and figured out that they can use cloud platforms, such as a file-sharing platform, to proliferate malware very cost effectively across an organization. Now, that the secret's out they'll continue to do that so that the need to protect against malware are both known and unknown, remains critically important in 2019. So, there you have it, our list of 2019 cloud security priorities. Thanks for joining Glass Class