Glass Class – Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)


Glass Class – Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to this episode of Glass Class.

Today, I'll be talking about Cloud Security Posture Management, also known as CSPM. CSPM is the continuous compliance checking of cloud platform accounts.

What this means is that CSPM solutions will look at the configurations of your cloud platform accounts, and check for any misconfigurations.

CSPM is important because misconfigurations can lead to unwanted data breaches, or data leakage.

As more and more companies move their data to the cloud, CSPM is becoming a necessary aspect of security. CSPM solutions, such as Bitglass', are able to check configurations against industry policies, such as the CIS benchmark, or PCI, or HIPAA frameworks.

CSPM solutions will also notify users of any misconfigurations as well as, what specifically those misconfigurations are, and also, how to fix those misconfigurations, so that someone can go in to a cloud platform and fix configurations.

Thank you for watching this episode of Glass Class.