Next-Gen CASB Searchable Encryption

Full-strength Searchable, Sortable, Encryption

Protect sensitive data with Bitglass, the only solution with a full-strength encryption solution that protects data-at-rest in any cloud application.

Full-strength Protection

  • Bitglass Cloud Encryption is patented, FIPS compliant 256-bit AES encryption with 256-bit initialization vectors.
  • Only Bitglass provides industry standard, military grade encryption without compromising application functionality.
  • With Bitglass, you can control your own keys or use AWS' native KMS.

Resilient, Operations Preserving

  • Only Bitglass' split-index technology enables 256-bit AES encryption while supporting features like search and sort in Salesforce.
  • Encrypting data with strong schemes such AES typically breaks essential functions.

Encrypt Data in Any App

  • Bitglass can encrypt any file or field based on granular data patterns you define.

  • Whether a SaaS app like Salesforce, an IaaS data lake, or data in a custom app, Bitglass Harbor can apply the same full-strength security to all your data.

Learn more about Encryption

Only Bitglass Cloud Encryption provides full-strength encryption for any app. Learn more in our whitepaper.