Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to Glass Class. Today we'll be talking about next-gen firewalls versus CASBs – very different solutions, of course. The next-gen firewalls are incredibly effective for the traditional environment where you have data and managed endpoints and that data flows through the corporate network to whatever destination it's going to – great for protecting that corporate data in a premises-based environment.

These cloud apps can serve as a means of unauthorized access, a means of distribution for sensitive files. So, a lot of risks introduced with cloud applications that aren't covered by next-gen firewalls. CASBs on the other hand, cloud access security brokers, can protect data in any cloud application and they do this via API and proxy.

So, while some next-gen firewalls have built out some API-based functionality, a combination of API and proxy can provide real-time data and threat protection across all of your cloud applications, for all of your devices, including those managed and unmanaged endpoints.

That in a nutshell is the different between next-gen firewalls and CASBs. CASBs are for the cloud and for the future. Next-gen firewalls are great for protecting corporate data on premises. Thanks for watching Glass Class.