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"You will get a Data Breach, Period"

By Nat Kausik | January 26, 2015 at 9:57 AM

“You will get a data breach, period.  If you think you haven’t been attacked, you’re lying to yourself"  says Robert Smith, CEO of Vista Equity Partners, of Austin, TX in an interview with the New York Times at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  

We are in a new reality where data breaches are a fact of life. CEOs, CIOs and CISOs who believe that they can prevent breaches are fooling themselves.

Since we announced the Bitglass Breach Discovery Service last week, we have received numerous inquiries from companies small and large.   In a first run for one large industrial conglomerate in North America with over 25,000 employees and 30B in assets, we found that within a two-week period, hackers had penetrated the network and proceeded to exfiltrate data to over a hundred remote network destinations.  Entirely undetected.   This despite the fact that corporate IT had invested tens of millions of dollars in securing their infrastructure.

With the advent of cloud and mobile, the corporate perimeter is porous.  Hackers can and will get through. Early detection is the best way to limit the damage. 

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Nat Kausik

CEO Bitglass


Image: Robert Smith, courtesy NY Times






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