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WSJ: Privacy & the Rise of the Two Phone Employee

By Nat Kausik | April 1, 2014 at 9:03 PM

I was on an airplane the other day when the passenger next to me pulled out two phones from his jacket and stuffed them into the seat back packet.  This video explains why - employees are forced to carry two phones - one for work and one for personal use owing to privacy concerns.  In order to secure corporate data, employers install MDM software on phones used to access work email.  In doing so, they gain the power to monitor all employee activity, and the ability to wipe the phone clean at will.   In fact, I gave a presentation to the management team of a Fortune 100 company the other day and asked for a show of hands on how many of them carry two phones.  Of the eight people in the room, only one hand went up. She was the CISO, said she knew what IT could see on the company phone.




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