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Why agentless CASBs rule!

By Nat Kausik | March 23, 2017 at 10:06 AM



Earlier this week our EU team visited with a large financial institution in Europe.   This firm's migration to Office365 was blocked over security concerns.    Being a long-term Symantec customer, the firm had turned to them again for a CASB solution. 

Much to the customer's surprise, Symantec's CASB solution turned out to be incompatible with their own secure web gateway proxies.  Symantec acquired BlueCoat, which in turn acquired Elastica.  The agent based architecture from Elastica was not interoperable with the BlueCoat secure web gateway proxies that the customer had widely installed.   

The customer then tried another CASB, this time from a startup.   As it happened, this CASB was also agent-based and impossible to deploy in conjunction with their existing BlueCoat boxes.  The CASB vendor proposed that the customer get rid of BlueCoat proxies entirely.   As a top financial institution, getting rid of their secure web gateway proxy was laughable at best.

Enter Bitglass.  The only agentless multi-mode CASB.  Works with your existing infrastructure.  The power of AJAX-VM!






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