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who's viewing my docs at strange locations?

By Nat Kausik | October 3, 2016 at 9:03 AM


The CIO of a healthcare organization asked us one Sunday afternoon: "who's viewing my docs at strange locations?"     

This customer is a US-based healthcare system that uses Bitglass' agentless Mobile Security solution to achieve HIPAA compliance, replacing a failed MDM solution that was uniformly despised by doctors, nurses and staff alike. The customer also had our Active Watermarks turned on for documents containing Protected Health Information (PHI). These Active Watermarks "call home" when a document is viewed, and are robust against cut-and-paste, edits and other modifications.    

For over a month now, the customer's Bitglass analytics indicated that their documents were being viewed offshore, within a few hours of being transmitted inside the US. Since there were no employees at that offshore location, the situation was mystifying. The Compliance team at the customer escalated the issue to the CIO and Chief Compliance Officer. After careful analysis, the Bitglass Technical Services team pinpointed the cause. Anti-Virus software agents on laptops in the enterprise were configured to upload sample files to the AV vendor's labs to assist AV research teams. "Sample submission" as they called it. Researchers at the AV vendor were viewing these documents as research samples. Not anymore!

If you are wondering how to protect your data no matter where it is on the Internet, Bitglass can help.

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