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Who Should Use Bitglass?

By Bitglass | January 19, 2016 at 4:36 PM

Video Transcript

For organizations or companies that are just thinking about moving more aggressively to mobile applications, they go through that thinking process, they start getting concerned about how would they go about securing that data. We see certain industries in particular that have a higher focus on the sensitivity of data. Financial services companies, health care companies, biotech companies would be some of those. Really, any industry would benefit from a solution like this.

The types of applications that organizations are looking to support with a technology like this really varies. We're seeing a lot of organizations moving very aggressively to applications across the enterprise, like Microsoft's O365 may include migration to Google Applications. Commonly also, sales force would be another example. We can support almost any application and we focus on supplying the ones today that most businesses and more customers are asking for.

The good news with Bitglass, is that we're a single platform. Across all of your cloud applications, across all of your users, across all of your devices. By being that single platform, the first thing we provide customers is a rich detail of data around all of the information that's flowing outside of the organization. Once they have visibility to the data, the next thing that they want to do is start to apply policies to that data. Some of that data they might choose to encrypt. Some of that data they might choose to redact or mask. Some of that information they might choose to simply watermark and have visibility to it. All of those things we provide as part of our solution. That's what customers are really looking for.



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