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What's wrong with agents? Everything.

By Kevin Gee | January 31, 2017 at 4:50 PM


Above and below are just a small sample of some of the most recent and helpful reviews on two of the top Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors in the market (go ahead and look up reviews on the iOS App Store or Google Play store). Why should employees have to suffer  just to be able to access their corporate email and get work done on their mobile devices? Either employees begrudgingly use the applications and are less efficient or they opt out altogether, disconnecting themselves from work and contact.



Providing data security on mobile devices doesn’t need to be this hard. Employees shouldn’t have to struggle with applications that not only “crash or break”, but also negatively affect their devices. They also shouldn’t have to worry about privacy and whether or not these applications have access to their personal data or location information. In fact, there shouldn’t be a need for a separate application on their devices at all. Employees should be allowed to use the mobile devices of their choosing and the native apps on said devices.Picture4.png

Bitglass is the only Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that provides complete data protection inline and in real-time across any device, without the use of an installed application. Through our robust Omni muli-protocol proxy architecture, we can secure your data no matter what device the employee chooses to use or where they are.


By taking a data-centric approach to security, protect data-at-rest, in transit, and on the device without touching a user's personal data and information. It’s a win-win situation: employees can use the devices and apps they want without concern for privacy and IT can rest assured that the corporate data is completely protected. IT can sleep easy knowing they can perform a selective wipe of the mobile device removing all corporate data and deprovision a device without touching any of the user’s personal data.

It’s a simple decision – you can either attempt to protect user devices against their wishes or focus on protecting the data itself. You can either have employees leave reviews like the examples above on the security software you rolled out or have satisfied employees who willingly opt into your security deployment because of its unintrusive ease of use. Bitglass eliminates privacy concerns while providing complete data protection.


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