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Tug of War! Security vs. Convenience

By Rich Campagna | February 21, 2014 at 2:34 PM

shutterstock_132458540In his recent blog post, Securing the Cloud Stack, Geoffrey Moore posits that clouds are "as readily secured as corporate data centers, arguably more so" and that enterprise cloud security issues stem from the combination of "enterprise cloud computing with social and mobile end users."  He argues that today's social/mobile apps and devices are built for employee freedom and experience, versus enterprise cloud apps, which are built to ensure security and accuracy of corporate data.  This is the Systems of Record vs Systems of Engagement debate that Moore initiated, and continues to be debated. The walled garden security approaches of the past, he argues, are of no use when corporate data flows freely from cloud apps to mobile devices over the public medium that is the Internet. 

Forward-looking IT executives have already begun to realize that the only way to continue to be successful is to secure corporate data (Systems of Record) AND provide the convenience that employees want (Systems of Engagement).

I couldn't agree more. To date, increased security has always come at the expense of convenience, and vice versa. At Bitglass, we continue to push ourselves to figure out new ways to eliminate the security/convenience tradeoff. Every product decision we make incorporates the needs of two groups - enterprise IT, who pays the bill for the Bitglass service, and our customers' employees, without the support of whom enterprise IT won't be successful. 

Our approach has been to build a cloud-based "SaaS firewall" through which all corporate data transits as it moves from cloud app to device and back again, with no impact on the end user and no device configuration or dependencies. Convenience and cloud security - what a novel idea! Find out how it works.


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