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The white flag & AJAX-VM

By Nat Kausik | March 8, 2017 at 9:42 AM


A global aerospace giant pinged our chat line earlier this week.  They were shopping for a CASB, and told us that they were referred to us by a competitor.  Say what?

Turns out this customer uses GSuite (aka Google Apps).  And needed real-time inline data protection on managed and unmanaged devices    They had tested two competing CASB - at least CASB in name - to find that the only thing offered was "monday morning" API alerts after data-leakage events.  One vendor was a public company that had acquired a couple of CASB startups and was trying to pass them off as an integrated CASB platform. The other vendor is a startup that has strong marketing and sales efforts built around an API-only solution, in addition to a growing sense of resignation around their technical limitations.   After a failed trial, they referred the customer to Bitglass - "only Bitglass can handle Gsuite in real-time."    Thank you!

The power of AJAX-VM.  Any app, any device, agentless robust real-time inline data protection.  



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