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The Robots are Here!

By Anoop Bhattacharjya | December 6, 2017 at 11:59 AM


The early search engines were manually classified indices.  Yahoo had people working on classifying web sites, and committees came together weekly to formalize the classification. Then Google's robots arrived.

Google's robots crawled the web voraciously, classifying and ranking pages automatically.  The results were uncannily good.  How did those robots do so much better than humans?   Actually, they did not.  The robots just crunched the information that humans provided and mashed it all together in a way that made it look like magic.

CASB Cloud App Discovery is in a similar moment of transition.  Early vendors boast of the number of human analysts they have offshore examining cloud applications and classifying them. One vendor claims to have indexed 10,000 apps, and another says 15,000.  And all of it is stale information by the time the customer sees it.

BItglass changes that.  Our robots crawl all of the public information available on the web to analyse and classify cloud apps.   As with search robots, our robots just crunch all of the information that humans provide on each application to automatically classify the app and assign a reputation score.  

As of this blog post, there are over 60,000 apps classifed in our index. The index automatically grows as new apps come out.  The robots are here!





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