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The Perils of Agents: Change Jobs, Get Your Phone Wiped!

By Nat Kausik | January 23, 2014 at 2:25 PM


A recent article in the Wall Street Journal speaks to the plight of employees who bring their own devices to work.  In short, if you use your mobile phone or tablet to read your work email, your company's mobile device security solution may enable them to wipe your phone clean when you change jobs.  Or when you think you have lost your phone. Indeed, current technologies only allow for three choices: 

  • The company wipes your phone clean when you change jobs.  Company data is secure, your personal data is gone.
  • The company does nothing when you change jobs.  Company data is compromised, your personal data is intact.
  • The company installs special "MDM" software on your phone. When you change jobs, the company wipes only its data, your personal data is intact.  But the software controls and tracks all your actions on your phone while you are employed with the company. Indeed, MobileIron, a leading vendor of MDM software, says 70% of its users are concerned about privacy.  

Is there a better way?  One where the company gets to secure its data, and you get to enjoy the privacy of your mobile device?  

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