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The Nightmare Before Bitglass

By Annie Wang | October 31, 2014 at 5:30 AM


 “It was a deep dark night”
“But not a hacker in sight”
 “The IT security team watched and waited”
“But their security methods were dated”
“Outside attackers were all they were checking”
“As if INSIDER threats could do no wrecking”
“See they moved to cloud apps like several other enterprises”
“But all they seemed to find were breaches, holes and surprises”
“Their security didn’t allow for today’s BYOD cultures”
“Instead MDM solutions turned their employees to vultures”
“Scavenging around for new forms of Shadow IT”
“Lead to identity sprawl and increased suspicious activity”
“For if only their team had deployed a dependable CASB”
“The company would have visibility, control and seamless transparency"
“So as this spookilicious story comes to an end”
“Think deeply and reflect….does your cloud app security need a mend?”
Chris Hines