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The Evolution of Cloud Security Perceptions

By Rich Campagna | July 13, 2016 at 1:07 PM

cloud_security_realities.jpgWhat a difference a year makes! In our recent report, "The Evolution of Cloud Security: Perceptions vs Reality," we found that, for the very first time, a majority (52%) of cybersecurity professionals believe that public cloud apps can be more secure than premises apps. This is up from 40% just a year ago. Does this mean that cloud security is no longer a big concern? Absolutely not. Two things have changed:

  1. Major cloud application vendors have invested heavily in application and infrastructure security, and have gotten pretty good at it. Why? Their business depends on their ability to keep the cloud secure, and they are willing to invest more in security than most enterprises can. That's great news for enterprises - it means that the cloud can be more secure than premises apps, provided the enterprise puts controls in place to use the cloud securely (see #2 below). 
  2. Third party security & compliance solutions like Cloud Access Security Brokers have helped organizations close the SaaS gaps that the app vendors haven't solved. 56% of organizations have short term plans to secure their cloud apps with a CASB. The top challenges they are looking to solve? 
    1. Unauthorized access (53%)
    2. Hijacked accounts (44%)
    3. External sharing (39%)

These challenges all revolve around secure usage of cloud apps rather than security of the cloud application itself. A CASB can help - learn how by downloading The Definitive Guide to Cloud Access Security Brokers




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