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The Bitglass Story

By Bitglass | March 7, 2016 at 1:20 PM

Video Transcript

The CASB space has really exploded in the last 2 years or so. It started from being nothing to being the number 1 security trend that Gartner actually put out in last year's report. The idea for the glass started from one of my previous employers when they actually started doing a migration to Office 365. None of the products that we were actually building in the company did anything to protect the intellectual property of all the data going back and forth between our phones and Office 365. Mobility and cloud are 2 tectonic shifts in how IT is consumed by enterprises. Security really hasn't followed that trend until CASBs came along. The glass has taken a total data protection approach towards CASBs. Once your data leaves your firewall you need to protect it everywhere it goes. You cannot just have it such that you protect while it's in transit or while it is sitting in a cloud provider or while it is sitting on a client. Ultimately it's your data, which needs to be protected everywhere it goes, and that's the reason why we have created all these technologies where not only can we protect it when it is within these environments, but even if it leaves your devices, your clients, etcetera, we still have a way of being able to recall data, to tag data in a way that your coverage is all-around active all the time.



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