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The best B2B digital marketing campaigns of 2016

By Nat Kausik | March 18, 2016 at 2:17 PM


They say the best things in life are free.  When it comes to marketing that is certainly true.   The best companies with the best products rarely advertise.  Advertising adds no value to the customer. In fact, it delivers negative value by steering the customer towards the weaker product. The best companies with the best products weave their marketing into their products.  Great products delight customers, who in turn refer them to friends.  The chart below shows ad spend for leaders in various industries.    Apple has very strong products yet spends a miniscule fraction of their sales on advertising.  In contrast, Microsoft as a whole spends more than Samsung's consumer unit, measured as a fraction of sales.  And Microsoft's consumer division spends a higher percentage than Coca Cola!  



Cause or effect? Cause: companies end up with the best products cause they focus on building the best products rather than creating the best ads. Effect: companies with strong products don't need adversiting.  At Bitglass we believe it is cause not effect.  We don't advertise.   We stick to organic marketing.  And our tiny marketing team excels at it.  Others have noticed.  Bitglass was awarded "best b2b marketing campaign of 2016." We are honored to be listed amongst Adobe, IBM & Fedex with their giant marketing departments.  Though we do not spend a dime on advertising!





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