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Tesla Experiences Internal Breach, Leaking Valuable Company Data

By Will Houcheime | February 3, 2021 at 5:00 AM
960x0-1During his two-week employment, a former Tesla Inc. software engineer stole more than 6,000 scripts, or files of code, that automate a broad range of company functions. The software automation engineer, Alex Khatilov, was hired as one of a few employees to have access to the files, which the company says were unrelated to his job.

Khatilov stated that after being hired in December, Tesla sent files to his personal dropbox, which contained sensitive information that could be accessed from his personal computer. While investigators have located thousands of confidential files in Khatilov’s storage, which he attempted to destroy before starting the interview, the company found no other evidence of whether he previously shared the data with other associates or locations. The electric-car maker claimed that the scripts are extremely valuable to Tesla, and giving unauthorized access to these scripts would enable engineers at other companies to reverse engineer Tesla’s processes to create a similar system in a fraction of the time.  Occurrences like this can not only leave enterprises at a heavily competitive disadvantage, but lead to a loss of trust externally but customers and other stakeholders. Organizations must equip themselves with the right tools which can detect data leakage and insider threats from any cloud transaction.

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