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Taming Shadow IT with Bitglass Cloud Discovery

By Rich Campagna | September 30, 2014 at 10:51 AM

taming_shadow_itToday we announced Bitglass Cloud Discovery, a free service (up to 1GB) that dynamically analyzes an enterprise’s risk of data leakage from employees’ use of unauthorized cloud applications, also known as Shadow IT. Shadow IT poses security and compliance risks since sensitive corporate data is stored in Shadow IT cloud apps, yet the company has no control over that data. 

Bitglass Cloud Discovery identifies all cloud apps in use, allowing the company to decide which apps to block at the firewall, and which to enable safely.

The service is part of the Bitglass Total Data Protection Suite, a Cloud Access Security Broker that protects corporate data outside the firewall - in the cloud, at access and on mobile devices. How does this all tie together? Cloud Discovery allows you identify the apps in use in your organization, with classification and risk scoring to help decide which apps should be blocked at the firewall, and which apps should be enabled safely using a service like Bitglass

How do you get started? It's simple - sign-up for the service and upload your proxy or firewall logs (we support any vendor). In just a few minutes, you can have a handle on one of the biggest unknowns in enterprise IT today.


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