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77% Plan To Increase Mobile & Cloud Security Spend

By Salim Hafid | November 10, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Bitglass' Cloud is the Future report, out today, found 50% of survey respondents, CIOs and other IT leaders who attended the Gartner Symposium, experienced some cost savings in 2015 attributable to deploying SaaS applications. Gartner predicted last year that cost reduction would continue to drive adoption of cloud apps, and we've seen that prediction pan out as organizations look to cost-effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy alternatives to on-premise solutions.

Despite this reduction in cost of services, organizations are investing more in cloud and mobile security, in fact, 77% plan to increase cloud and mobile security spend in the year ahead. Among the primary drivers of this increased security spend is the need to secure data stored in public cloud apps and the need to secure data on end-users' mobile devices.

As data is pushed down to a user's often unmanaged mobile device, the issue of how the enterprise restricts access to and sharing of this data becomes an important question. Solutions like MDM and MAM have proven unsuccessful and so companies need new solutions for mobility.

The market for CASBs is growing fast and is expected to drive much of the increased spend on cloud and mobile security in the year ahead. Comprehensive solutions like Bitglass are a cost effective means of securing corporate data in public cloud apps and with a wide range of capabilities, can work across many different cloud apps and fill a variety of needs across industries.

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