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How to Surf the Tidal Wave of SaaS Apps: A CASB Story

By Mike Schuricht | May 7, 2018 at 4:45 AM

More and more cloud apps are arising every day, creating a massive SaaS tidal wave. These apps can offer increased efficiency for their users, expose data to malicious hackers, and be used by employees looking to steal data. Regardless of the motive behind using it, shadow IT causes the enterprise to lose visibility and control over where its data is going and who is accessing it. As such, organizations cannot stand idly by as their data slips through their fingers; rather, they must find a way to ride the ever-growing wave of SaaS apps.


To learn how Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB, can help with shadow IT discovery and securing unmanaged apps, download the solution brief below. 

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