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Secure Remote Work for Contractors

By Nat Kausik | May 5, 2020 at 4:03 PM


Securing contract employees is a challenge even in ordinary times.  Harder yet during a pandemic lockdown. Bitglass to the rescue.

Regular employees are baked into the normal AD system, with IT ticketing and workflow to provision each user and their privileges.  Following the same process for contractors is expensive and burdensome, when IT is stretched thin already by remote work activity.

As the only SASE with a native IdP, Bitglass delivers secure identity management as an inherent component of our solution.    Enterprises can provision contract employees directly in Bitglass with restricted access privileges.  Session controls by time of day, native 2FA, and DLP restrictions enforced in a single control panel.   Block download of sensitive data. Block upload of malware. And since these users are not part of AD, they are automatically restricted from accessing internal apps

Comprehensive direct-to-cloud security for remote workers.  Learn more here. 




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