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Secure Data Lakes?

By Nat Kausik | May 24, 2017 at 10:02 AM


On Monday, we hosted the CTO of a large global bank.   Yesterday, we hosted the "homeland security department" of a small but very wealthy nation that is a global leader in finance.   In both cases, the magic words were "data lake."  What does that have to do with CASB?

As organizations gain confidence in the cloud via packaged apps like Office 365 and GSuite, they are keen to migrate custom applications and data to the cloud as well.  In many cases, organizations have departmental databases that are silo'd reposotories of data.   These repositories are expensive to maintain, and inhibit inter-departmental collaboration and access to the data.   The solution is to consolidate the data into a single repository in the public cloud, AKA "data lake."   But this poses security risks.  (a) the data is exposed in the cloud. (b) it is important to enforce contextual access control over the data, by user, group, location, application etc.

Enter Bitglass IaaS edition.  You can encrypt the data prior to consolidation into the data lake in the public cloud.  Decrypted access is via the Bitglass proxy, where you can enforce access control by data field. Only authorized users or applications have access to decrypted data.  You can build custom apps on the data in the cloud or on-premise.   And you get visibility and audit of each access with SIEM integration.

Bitglass delivers security in the cloud for the cloud.  




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