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RSA Asia Pacific & Japan: Cloud Is Here to Stay

By David Shephard | July 30, 2018 at 4:46 AM

RSA APJ Skyline

If the volume and level of conversations we enjoyed at the RSA Conference in Singapore last week are anything to go by, Bitglass and the partners in our Altitude Partner Program have every reason to feel optimistic about the Asia Pacific region.

For three days on the show floor, the Bitglass stand was consistently busy with visitors asking about our Next-Gen CASB and how we can help them solve data security problems relating to the use of cloud and mobile devices. Unlike some previous events, we spent little time having to answer “What’s a CASB?” or “Why would we need a CASB?”

Customers now understand that when their IT infrastructure, applications, and data move to the cloud (and their users begin to enjoy the convenience of flexible and remote working), many traditional security tools become limited in their effectiveness. There was also a consensus that cloud applications’ native, built-in security features are not enough by themselves. The attendees we spoke to agreed that they’d prefer to have a single control point and a single set of consistent security policies applied across all of their cloud applications; having to manage each app and its tools individually becomes a logistical nightmare.

RSA Singapore Booth

While RSA APJ lacks the brashness and hype of its older Californian cousin, this offers some unique upside. Overall, delegate-sponsor engagement is better. Visitors aren’t so overwhelmed with the event and guarded with their time that they choose to avoid conversations or spend much of their week away from the conference venue itself. Here, almost everything happens within the Marina Bay Convention Centre, so there isn’t the constant battle between vendors to lure customers all over the city to private briefings, events, and parties. Perhaps some of this is cultural, but, at RSA in Singapore, it seems that everyone associated with the event benefits from the close proximity and sense of community.

RSA Singapore Convo

The show definitely attracted an audience from many different countries across the Asia Pacific region. While people did attend to learn (of course), the pace of change in IT had many seeking to take immediate action in order to address the myriad of security concerns on the horizon. The desire to embrace thorough, agile security platforms rather than static point tools was common throughout the conversations we had with various organizations.

My key takeaway? Widespread adoption of CASB is here and customers are accepting that a Next-Gen CASB is becoming a must-have solution for modern enterprise IT – just like the firewall used to be. To learn more about Bitglass' automated, next-gen security, download the Zero-Day Solution Brief below.

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