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The most important aspect of Cloud Security? Mobile.

By Rich Campagna | April 22, 2014 at 8:00 AM

cloud-and-mobile-securityWhen most people think about cloud app security, they think about controlling access to apps like Salesforce and Office 365, providing visibility into who's doing what in ServiceNow and Workday, and even encrypting data at rest in Box and Google Apps. These are all solutions to protecting data in cloud applications. Bitglass was founded to solve these types problems - the data security problems that arise when enterprises move from internal, premises-based applications, to external cloud apps. 

 What we found out when working with our earliest customers and prospects, however, was that these challenges aren't the only cloud app security problems keeping CIOs and CISOs up at night. An even bigger challenge is the point of consumption - the devices from which employees are accessing and downloading data from these cloud apps. In order for Box to really be effective, employees need to be able to download files to their myriad mobile devices. And once those files are on the mobile devices, a whole new set of security concerns arises.

 The implication is that any security solution for cloud apps must protect not only data stored in the cloud and access to the cloud, but cloud data on the consumption device as well. By listening to our customers, we realized that for them, "cloud security" really means "cloud and mobile security." That's why we've developed unique solutions like data tracking, clientless selective wipe, and mobile DLP mechanisms. 

It was these early customer discussions that lead us to the realization that cloud and mobile are kind of like peanut butter and jelly - sure, you can have one without the other, but you'll still be hungry after you finish that jelly sandwich, so you'll end up making something else to go with it. The Bitglass mission is to provide Total Data Protection - securing data in the cloud, on the device, and anywhere on the Internet.

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