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Out-of-band real time API security

By Threat Research Team | January 17, 2020 at 2:35 PM


Cyber security is a complex topic where difficult problems mingle with tall claims.  This week, we came across one such from a competitor - "out-of-band real-time security."  

As the economy becomes increasingly reliant on the cloud, preventing threats and leakage is hugely important and the raison-de-etre for a CASB.    In order to prevent threats and leakage, the CASB has to be deployed inline to provide real-time protection.  But inline deployment is technically demanding and must support access from any device, anywhere.  Out-of-band Monday morning post-breach alerts are a lot easier.

One CASB has found a way to make real-time protection easy - deploy out-of-band to generate post-breach alerts, but market it as Real-time API security.  In other words, snake oil!   

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