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Dump your MDM! BYOD strategies that work

By Rich Campagna | March 5, 2014 at 3:28 PM

User_AnnoyanceIn just a few short years, BYOD went from nothing, to a major concern for IT and security professionals in just about every major organization. The first attempt to secure BYOD was a knee-jerk reaction that focused on managing personally-owned devices in much the same way that corporate-owned laptops are managed. Unfortunately, approaches like Mobile Device Management didn't do much to secure corporate data. 

Now that we've gotten through that initial phase, it's time to start thinking about BYOD programs more strategically - time to start planning for the long-term. The next-generation of BYOD needs to focus on securing data, preserving employee privacy and the overall experience, and must free you (IT) of the burden of taking helpdesk calls, provisioning devices, and workind around operating system dependencies. 

There are 6 key requirements that you must keep in mind when designing a next-generation BYOD program. The first three:

  1. It's the economy data, stupid!
    Your next-generation BYOD program must focus on securing your data, NOT on managing devices. At the end of the day, that spreadsheet of financial results has far more value to your organization than even the highest end tablet or smartphone does. 
  2. Save time, save money. 
    A huge percentage of MDM deployments have either stalled mid-rollout, or have suffered from difficulties with integration, scalability, and ease-of-use, all of which add substantial costs to what is supposed to be the type of program that saves money. Your next-generation BYOD solution must be easy to deploy and manage.
  3. Avoid BYO-IT.
    Let's face it - today's employees are tech savvy and quick to write-off IT as old school and out-of-touch. These employees will not hesitate to find their own IT as soon as IT slows them down or interferes with their native mobile experience. Next-generation BYOD must be completely frictionless and transparent to employees.

To find out more about what these requirements mean, and to see requirements #4, 5, and, 6, join Bitglass on March 27th, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern, for a webinar where we'll introduce the 6 key requirements of a next-generation BYOD security solution.   

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