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Next-Gen BYOD Requirement 2 of 6: I want more

By Rich Campagna | March 26, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Despite the huge amount of time and effort we have expended on BYOD over the last few years, the typical BYOD deployment will only continue to grow into the future, for three reasons:

   1.   No shirt, no BYOD, no service – Gartner predicts that by 2017, a majority of large companies will require BYOD. This means that even more of your employees will be bringing personally-owned devices into the workplace. 


    2.  BYO-Smartphone, BYO-Tablet, BYO-Windows-Laptop, BYO-Mac – BYOD policies will expand to include an increasing variety of device form factors and operating systems. Your next BYOD program won’t only mean iOS and maybe Android – it will include Windows and Mac laptops, and maybe something really cool we don’t even know about yet.

  3.   I want them all – the average number of devices that your employees use to access work data will increase in the coming years, as a variety of form factors appeal to different uses in everyday life.

Next-generation BYOD security requirement #2: – your solution must scale to more employees, support more devices, and be licensed by user not by device (to eliminate runaway license costs).

This is post 3 in a 7-part series on next-generation BYOD requirements.

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