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Emperors sans clothing...

By Nat Kausik | April 29, 2018 at 8:22 AM


Three of the top ten banks in the world turned to Bitglass Next-Gen CASB after failed first-gen CASB projects.  Here is why.

One bank had chosen a CASB from a vendor who, by their own admission, is a marketing-first company.  Evident in their customer presentation where half the slides are fluff boasting of being the "Triple Crown Winner" of various analyst reports.  Product, technology and benefits are relegated to the last two slides.  Seduced by the analyst reports, the bank went ahead with this CASB.  As it turned out, the product does not perform as advertised, not even close.  The bank is now pursuing a full refund from the company's recent acquirer.  And cue Bitglass.

A second bank chose a CASB from a public company.  A year ago, Bitglass and the other CASB were the finalists in the bakeoff, and although Bitglass was the technical choice, size did matter at this bank.  Fast forward a year, and the project is in shambles.  The CASB vendor's claimed agentless technology has been on the roadmap for the entire time and no closer to delivery, and 20-bit encryption is not worth the trouble. Back to Bitglass.

And now for the third bank.  Last week, the CISO of the bank wrote us: 

We have a competitor’s CASB, but I keep getting tripped up on functionality because I had viewed some Bitglass presentations last year.  Let’s just say our current product is lacking in some areas. 

Welcome back!

If you are looking for naked emperors, look for leaders in the analyst reports.  If you want a CASB that just works, Bitglass delivers.

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