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Mission Impossible: Rogue Cloud Apps

By Rich Campagna | November 28, 2017 at 6:03 AM

rogue cloud apps.jpgRecently, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down to dinner with a customer of one of our competitors. Such opportunities can be a great learning experience and a million potential questions jumped to mind immediately.

What lead them to look for a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)? Why did they pick the solution they (currently) have? How are things going with the solution? Is it deployed? Challenges? How will their cloud security needs change in the future? 

Two of the topics we discussed relate directly to the rapidly evolving nature of the enterprise cloud footprint and why Bitglass has aligned its strategy around our Zero-day CoreTM technologies, which allow our customers to tame rogue cloud applications.

First challenge? Proxy resilience to application changes. Our competitor had suffered several proxy breakage issues that they claim were related to the application vendor making changes to their code and not informing them in advance, as if that is top of the app vendor's list of priorities! As the number of cloud apps deployed by this organization grows, the manual response to changes by their CASB vendor will become absolutely impossible to maintain.

The solution? AJAX-VM! This technology provides Bitglass customers with resilience to application changes.  

Second challenge? New applications being added over time. This organization already has an issue - their CASB vendor doesn't have support in their catalog for a major SaaS application that they would like to protect. The app vendor in question is notoriously close-minded about security partnerships and not likely to provide the CASB the support they need to add the app to their catalog. Their only options are to submit an enhancement request (and hope that the "roadmap" churns it out), or look at another CASB for this additional application.

The solution? Zero-day managed app control! Bitglass customers aren't reliant on a fixed catalog of cloud apps. Right out of the box, our customers can configure real-time DLP, access control, threat protection, and more for any application - SaaS, custom, packaged software, and more.

The only thing constant in the cloud is change. Make sure that the investments you make in security products & solutions can adapt automatically to those changes - Next-Gen CASB can get you there.



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