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MDM is Dead Part II

By Annie Wang | July 21, 2015 at 12:14 PM
Something remarkable is happening in security. IT practitioners are listening to end-users, and both parties are reaping the benefits of a data-centric approach to mobile security. Higher adoption rates, increased productivity, no software hassles, and most importantly enterprises are actually securing corporate data (duh!). 

What’s causing enterprises to drop MDM for data-centric solutions? Well, a couple things. Let’s start with end-user mobilization.

End-users have always showed their dissatisfaction with MDM solutions, and for good reason. First, employees don’t like granting their employer access to their personal data. Second, the small amount of employees that are actually enrolled in BYOD programs rarely use their device for work purposes because of their disdain (see below) towards the user experience of required third party applications like “secure” mail applications and browsers. The result? Low participation and low use for most corporate BYOD programs.

Counterintuitive, isn’t it?


What else is causing enterprises to drop MDM? They are figuring out it’s not doing what they need it to do… which is secure corporate data:


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