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BYOD Security: When MDM Doesn't Hit the Spot

By Rich Campagna | February 4, 2014 at 7:06 AM

iStock_0000274221212_MediumDespite the huge amount of hoopla and millions of marketing dollars vendors spent promoting Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), adoption of MDM/MAM solutions in the enterprise isn't as far along as we might have thought.  A recent Network World article points to an upcoming ESG report that surveyed organizations of 1,000 or more employees and found that, unbelievably, only 21% have deployed and standardized on an MDM solution. BYOD is one of the biggest trends in enterprise IT today and fewer than one quarter of enterprises have deployed a solution to secure BYOD!  

Even more interesting is that of the organizations that have deployed MDM:

  • More than 30% don't like that feature set varies by device/OS.
  • 30% think that MDM is more difficult to use than they had anticipated.
  • 29% have had difficulty with implementing their MDM solution.

These issues stem from the deployment model, and the fact that at the root of most MDM/MAM solutions is an architecture that controls and manages devices owned by the employee.  The thing is, these issues can be avoided...

The reason that you consider something like MDM for BYOD Security is that your job description entails securing company data.  So why not focus on securing the data, rather than the device?  Does it really matter that James has an iPhone 5 and Abhinav has a Samsung Galaxy S4?  Or that both of them have Facebook and Angry Birds installed?  Of course not - what matters is that there is corporate data on that device that needs to be protected.  

The solution you're looking for must secure corporate data, but should be device-agnostic and deployed without effort on either the employee's part or IT's part. The next generation of solutions for securing BYOD will be deployed from the network, completely avoiding the issues that are prohibiting broader adoption of MDM/MAM. 

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