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Marketing Matters...

By Nat Kausik | April 8, 2016 at 10:19 AM


Got a few emails this morning congratulating Bitglass on the "MTM award."  Head scratcher, since we had never heard of such prior. 

No surprise, since we are not marketing mavens?  Yes and no.   We are huge believers in organic marketing, where the product is the marketing. We do not spend a dime on advertising.  In that philosophy, we are in good company.   Great companies spend on products and skimp on advertising.   Rare ads from Starbucks, lots from Mcdonalds.  No ads from Costco, lots from Walmart.  Rare from Apple, lots from Microsoft.   See my prior blog post on this topic with more comparisons and metrics.   

Congratulations to our marketing team on another marketing award.   Turns out the MTM awards are from "Marketers that Matter," a council of the top marketing minds sponsored by the Wall Street Journal.    Thank you!  



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